Don't Have an Estate Plan? We Can Create One for You.

We provide affordable estate planning services in Newport Beach, CA

Wondering what will happen to your assets when you pass away? An estate plan will include detailed instructions for your loved ones and anyone else who may be involved probating your will.

Hanke & Williams provides comprehensive estate planning services to help residents of the Newport Beach, CA area plan for the future. Shelly L. Hanke has extensive experience...

  • Drafting new wills and modifying existing ones
  • Creating financial and health care powers of attorney
  • Navigating the estate planning and trust administration process

With her help, you can make it easier for your loved ones to settle your affairs. Call 714-750-5330 now to schedule a consultation.

Did your loved one have a pour-over will?

A pour-over will is designed to transfer all the assets of a decedent into a trust, which helps simplify the probate process. If you need assistance with trust administration, contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable attorney in Newport Beach, CA.

How can we assist you?

Shelly L. Hanke is a compassionate attorney who helps her Clients navigate the legal system with confidence. She would be honored to...

  • Prepare a Prenuptial Agreement
    • Prepare a Custody Agreement
      • Prepare a Judgment of Paternity
        • Prepare a Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage
          • Prepare documents that move the Client to a full resolution of the case.>

            If you have questions about our legal services, attorney Shelly Hanke will answer them herself. You will appreciate her personalized approach to your case.