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Turn to our divorce attorney in Newport Beach, CA for help deciding what you should do

Thinking about calling things off with your spouse? A divorce attorney can answer any questions you have about the process, as well as help you decide if parting ways is the best course of action.

At Hanke & Williams, you can meet with a divorce attorney who has over 30 years of experience. Her knowledge has helped countless couples in the Newport Beach, CA area decide whether to pursue mediation or let a judge determine what's best for their family.

From property division to child support, a lawyer can come up with solutions to any issue that a divorce creates. Call 714-750-5330 now to set up a meet with attorney Hanke.

We don't limit ourselves to divorce cases

Although she focuses on custody and child support, our lawyer assists with other family issues, too. Turn to attorney Hanke for help...

  • Deciding whether to take a loved one to court
  • Drafting a prenuptial agreement
  • Mediating a family dispute

Visit our office in Newport Beach, CA today to retain a helpful attorney.

Advocating for Families for More Than 30 Years

Attorney Shelly Hanke has been practicing law since 1993

We Know How Frustrating Family Disputes Can Be

Turn to our family law firm in Newport Beach, CA for support

Whether you are thinking about divorcing your spouse or are caught up in a custody battle, you needn't go through the process alone. Attorney Shelly Hanke is just a phone call away.

Hanke & Williams is a family law firm in Newport Beach, CA that focuses on taking care of our Clients' needs, whether litigating in court or settling disputes without going to court. We are prepared to stand with you throughout the process.

Call 714-750-5330 now to talk with attorney Shelly Hanke regarding your circumstances and what you are going through.

Do you really want a judge to decide what's best for your family?

Probably not. That's why it's smart to retain a family law attorney.

We can assist you in settlement negotiations with your spouse so you and your spouse are able to arrive at a mutual agreement that's fair to all. But if your spouse refuses to negotiate in good faith, we will fight for your best interest in court.

Please call our family law firm in Newport Beach, CA today to set up an appointment to meet with attorney Shelly Hanke, one-on-one.